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Weapon Types⚓︎


These values are available in Lua by their index in the tes3.weaponType table. For example, tes3.weaponType.bluntOneHand has a value of 3.

Index Value Description
shortBladeOneHand 0 Short Blade, One Handed
longBladeOneHand 1 Long Blade, One Handed
longBladeTwoClose 2 Lon Blade, Two Handed
bluntOneHand 3 Blunt Weapon, One Handed
bluntTwoClose 4 Blunt Weapon, Two Handed (Warhammers)
bluntTwoWide 5 Blunt Weapon, Two Handed (Staffs)
spearTwoWide 6 Spear, Two Handed
axeOneHand 7 Axe, One Handed
axeTwoHand 8 Axe, Two Handed
marksmanBow 9 Marksman, Bow
marksmanCrossbow 10 Marksman, Crossbow
marksmanThrown 11 Marksman, Thrown
arrow 12 Arrows
bolt 13 Bolts