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This event is invoked whenever an actor makes an attack with their fists or a weapon, or a creature makes any attack. It occurs at the moment a melee attack would hit, at the end of a melee weapon strike. For projectile attacks, it is when an arrow is about to detach from its bow. A target is not required to be present for this event.

Lockpicks and probes do not invoke this event.

--- @param e attackHitEventData
local function attackHitCallback(e)
event.register(tes3.event.attackHit, attackHitCallback)


This event can be filtered based on the reference event data.


An event can be claimed by setting e.claim to true, or by returning false from the callback. Claiming the event prevents any lower priority callbacks from being called.

Event Data⚓︎

  • mobile (tes3mobileActor): Read-only. The mobile actor making the attack.
  • reference (tes3reference): Read-only. A shortcut to the reference that is attacking.
  • targetMobile (tes3mobileActor): Read-only. The mobile actor being attacked. May be nil, e.g. if nothing was targeted.
  • targetReference (tes3reference): Read-only. A shortcut to the reference being attacked. May be nil, e.g. if nothing was targeted.


Example: Convert Hits to Misses

local function onAttackHitCallback(e)
    -- Set damage to zero to convert the physical hit to a miss.
    tes3.messageBox("Somehow it missed!") = 0
event.register(tes3.event.attackHit, onAttackHitCallback)