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The uiSkillTooltip event triggers when a new tooltip is displayed for a skill. The tooltip will be already be built.

Note that tooltips may have different width depending on which menu they were created in, between 230 and 432 pixels by default.

--- @param e uiSkillTooltipEventData
local function uiSkillTooltipCallback(e)
event.register(tes3.event.uiSkillTooltip, uiSkillTooltipCallback)


An event can be claimed by setting e.claim to true, or by returning false from the callback. Claiming the event prevents any lower priority callbacks from being called.

Event Data⚓︎

  • skill (tes3.skill): Read-only. The id of the skill being examined.
  • tooltip (tes3uiElement): Read-only. The newly created tooltip element. Due to timeouts and target changes, it may be destroyed at any time.
  • type (integer): Read-only. 1 where the tooltip is being created by MenuStat, and includes progress to the next skill level up, and 0 for every other instance including tes3ui.createTooltipMenu().