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The MWSE Logger library allows you to register a logger for your mod. It provides the following features:

  • Mod-specific log levels
  • Change log level via MCM
  • Log messages can be color coded according to log level (via MWSE MCM)
  • Optional setting to print messages to a separate log file
  • Optional setting to print messages to the in-game console
  • Optional setting to print messages with a timestamp prepended

Log Levels⚓︎

Log levels are ordered as follows: TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, and ERROR. Only logs at or below the current log level will be printed to the log file. For example, if log level is set to INFO, then INFO, WARN and ERROR messages will be logged, but TRACE and DEBUG messages will not.

Log Colors⚓︎

In the MWSE MCM, there is an option to enable log colors. This will display logs in different colors according to their log level when tailing the log in the console. However, it is recommended that non-modders keep this turned off, as it makes the log file harder to read in a regular text editor.

Log Level Colors:⚓︎

  • TRACE: Bright White
  • DEBUG: Green
  • INFO: White
  • WARN: Yellow
  • ERROR: Red

Registering and using your Logger⚓︎

local logger = require("logging.logger")
local log ={
    name = "Test Mod",
    logLevel = "TRACE",
    logToConsole = true,
    includeTimestamp = true,
log:trace("This is a trace message")
log:debug("This is a debug message")
log:info("This is an info message")
log:warn("This is a warn message")
log:error("This is an error message")


-- To disable logging to the in-game console, set the logToConsole field to false
log.logToConsole = false

-- After this point no logging messages will be logged to the in-game console

Using your logger in different source files⚓︎

In your main.lua, place the logger creation before other source files are included or required. This is to ensure the logger is created and accessible to these other source files.

In the other source files:

local logger = require("logging.logger")
local log = logger.getLogger("Test Mod")

log:info("This is an info message")

Creating an MCM to control Log Level⚓︎

In your MCM config, create a dropdown with the following options:

    label = "Logging Level",
    description = "Set the log level.",
    options = {
        { label = "TRACE", value = "TRACE"},
        { label = "DEBUG", value = "DEBUG"},
        { label = "INFO", value = "INFO"},
        { label = "WARN", value = "WARN"},
        { label = "ERROR", value = "ERROR"},
        { label = "NONE", value = "NONE"},
    variable = mwse.mcm.createTableVariable{ id = "logLevel", table = mcmConfig },
    callback = function(self)

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