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This event is invoked when an item is being repaired. Currently, the event only fires when the player repairs an item.

--- @param e repairEventData
local function repairCallback(e)
event.register(, repairCallback)


An event can be claimed by setting e.claim to true, or by returning false from the callback. Claiming the event prevents any lower priority callbacks from being called.

Event Data⚓︎

  • chance (number): The percent chance of the repair being successful. This can be changed to modify the player's chance of repairing. It is not limited at 100.
  • item (tes3item): Read-only. The item being repaired.
  • itemData (tes3itemData): Read-only. The item data relevant to the repaired item.
  • repairAmount (number): The amount of condition that will be restored to the item.
  • repairer (tes3mobileActor): Read-only. The actor performing the repair. Note that this is currently always the player, but this may change in future updates.
  • tool (tes3repairTool): Read-only. The repair tool being used.
  • toolData (tes3itemData): Read-only. The item data relevant to repair tool.