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The following patches are included by MWSE.


This project also improves the Construction Set. Read more about changes to that program on the CSSE page.


  • Allows custom classes to have custom images on the class selection menu. The texture used is a bmp file found in the textures\levelup directory, whose name is the id of the class.
  • Allows Morrowind to run when not in focus.
  • Allows movies to be played with letterboxing.
  • Allows NiFlipController to specify its affected map correctly.
  • Allows NiLinesData to be loaded from meshes.
  • Allows NiUVController to specify its texture correctly.
  • Creates crash dump files and logging information to help diagnose mod issues.
  • Disable mwscript function updates collision information so the player won't collide with invisible references.
  • Improved support for NiSortAdjustNode, with additional alpha subtree rendering.
  • Improves load times when using Mod Organizer 2.
  • Optimizes access to global variables.
  • Optimizes access to player kill count, via GetDeadCount or dialogue filtering.
  • Optimizes disposition calculation when dialogue filtering.
  • Optimizes DontThreadLoad ini file access to not always fetch from the file system.
  • Optimizes journal updating.
  • Optimizes ShowMap and FillMap to not be absurdly slow.
  • Raises mod limit from 256 to 1024.
  • Replaces Morrowind's dialogue filtering system with one that is much more performant.
  • Fixes the activation raytest when around skinned objects, such as creatures/NPCs.

Bug Fixes⚓︎

  • Allows the game to correctly close when quit with a messagebox popup, preventing rogue Morrowind.exe processes from hanging in the background.
  • Athletics and sneak skill progress code made consistent with other skill advancements. Useful to modders.
  • Correctly initialize MobileProjectile tag/objectType. Useful to modders.
  • Enable and Disable mwscript functions no longer can cause crashes with script variables unset.
  • Fixes book and weapon enchantment copying. Useful to modders.
  • Fixes cloning of NiObjects with multiple NiStringExtraData attachments.
  • Fixes crash when cloning certain NiSortAdjustNode structures.
  • Fixes crash when releasing a clone of a light with no reference.
  • Fixes crash when saving active VFXs when none are serializable.
  • Fixes crash when saving menu position if the derived key name is too long.
  • Fixes crash when updating cell markers at the border of the drawable map area.
  • Fixes crash where NPC flee logic tries to select a random node from pathgrids with 0 nodes.
  • Fixes crash with paper doll equipping/unequipping.
  • Fixes crash with uncloned actors removing items.
  • Fixes issue where VFX objects would load incorrectly, or cause save bloat.
  • Fixes sound volume calculations. Additional fixes provided when sound loops.
  • Fixes terrain render issues when using more than 500 land textures.
  • Fixes time being nudged forward by small extra increments when resting.
  • Fixes time being truncated when advancing time past midnight.
  • Fixes transparency effects from invisibility/chameleon from being desynced when changing equipment.
  • Prevents empty menu positions from saving to the ini file.
  • Updates animations for third person and first person player reference when idle mode is flagged.
  • Symbolically linked files now list and load correctly.