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Texturing Property Apply Modes⚓︎


These values are available in Lua by their index in the ni.texturingPropertyApplyMode table. For example, ni.texturingPropertyApplyMode.replace has a value of 0.

In the table below, CR represents the resulting color, AR represents the final alpha. The same notation is used for texture color and alpha values but with index T. Vertex color values have index V.

Index Value Resulting Color Resulting Alpha Common Application
replace 0 CR = CT AR = AT Basic texturing without any dynamic or static vertex-based lighting.
decal 1 CR = CT x AT + CV x (1 - AT) AR = AV Decal or bullet-hole textures on a base untextured surface.
modulate 2 CR = CT x CV AR = AT x AV Texture and final vertex colors and alpha values are multiplied component-by-component.