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This event fires when a dialogue info object text is retrieved. That can be when starting a conversation with an NPC, a service was refused to the player, NPC's responses to player persuading them and if the subtitles are enabled, getting the text for the subtitle will also trigger infoGetText event.

--- @param e infoGetTextEventData
local function infoGetTextCallback(e)
event.register(tes3.event.infoGetText, infoGetTextCallback)


This event can be filtered based on the info event data.


An event can be claimed by setting e.claim to true, or by returning false from the callback. Claiming the event prevents any lower priority callbacks from being called.

Event Data⚓︎

  • info (tes3dialogueInfo): Read-only. The dialogue info object.
  • loadOriginalText (fun(self: infoGetTextEventData): string): Loads the original text for the info from the game files, bypassing this event.
  • text (string): The text to return. This can be modified. Does not contain the original text. If not set, the original text will be used instead.


Example: Append custom text to a greeting line.

-- This will make Ra'virr give the player 2 Moon Sugar when the conversation is initiated

local function onInfoGetText(e)
    if ~= "ra'virr" then

    if == tes3.dialogueType.greeting then
        -- e.text is empty by default.
        e.text = e:loadOriginalText() .. "\n\nSweet sugar! Have some."
            reference = tes3.player,
            item = "ingred_moon_sugar_01",
            count = 2,

event.register(tes3.event.infoGetText, onInfoGetText)


Last update: August 25, 2023 10:03:48
Created: August 10, 2021 18:38:47