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Lua Functions⚓︎


The MWSE-mwscript API is deprecated. The documentation found here is for legacy purposes only. None of the following functions can be used directly from Lua.



  • string script: The name of the script to run. This is relative to Data Files\MWSE\mods.
  • varies (many) parameters: Values that the lua script can access.


  • varies (many) results: Values that the lua script passes back.

This function allows calling code from an external lua file. This call is blocking. Unlike other MWSE functions, this one requires the author to manage the parameter stack via Lua. This makes for slightly more complicated scripting, but allows for this function to create shared logic. Custom functions can be written out to Lua files and invoked with this method.


In this example we will create some values, log them, send them to Lua, confirm that we got the values, send more values back, and confirm our results. This demonstrates how to send information back and forth between the xLuaRunScript call and Lua.

First, our mwscript:

Begin luaexec

short myShort
long myLong
float myFloat
long myString

short retShort
long retLong
float retFloat
long retString

set myShort to 1
setx myLong to xRandomLong 0 2147483647
setx myFloat to xRandomFloat 0 1
setx myString to xStringBuild "Hello World!"

xLogMessage "[luaexec|mwscript] Sending values: %d, %d, %f, '%s'" myShort myLong myFloat myString

setx retShort retLong retFloat retString to xLuaRunScript "test_mod\\luaexec" myShort myLong myFloat myString

xLogMessage "[luaexec|mwscript] Got results: %d, %d, %f, '%s'" retShort, retLong, retFloat, retString

StopScript luaexec


Next, we have our Lua file (Data Files\mods\test_mod\luaexec.lua) that gets the data, prints it, and sends more back.

local myShort = mwse.stack.popShort()
local myLong = mwse.stack.popLong()
local myFloat = mwse.stack.popFloat()
local myString = mwse.stack.popString()
print(string.format("[luaexec|lua] Got values: %d, %d, %f, '%s'", myShort, myLong, myFloat, myString))

print("[luaexec|lua] Sending back values: 4, 512, 3.14, 'poop'")