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The Morrowind Script Extender makes additional functions available for use in Morrowind scripts, beyond those provided by the game's construction set.

These extra functions allow modders to add features and behavior to scripts that would otherwise be impractical or impossible.

Morrowind Modding Community Discord

If you are looking for MWSE scripting advice or discussions, try the Morrowind Modding Community Discord.


Before running Morrowind with MWSE enabled, download these prerequisites:

Once these are installed, run MWSE-Update.exe in your Morrowind install folder. MGE XE comes bundled with MWSE's updater to make this process simpler. This updater downloads the latest automated build from GitHub. These can be downloaded manually if the updater fails.


The Morrowind Script Extender is open source software that welcomes contributions in the forms of ideas, bug fixes, documentation, and new features. There is a separate guide for documentation contributions found here.


Visual Studio⚓︎

Contributing to MWSE requires a copy of Visual Studio 2022, with the following features enabled:

  • Workloads:
    • Desktop development with C++
  • Individual Components:
    • C++ MFC (only required for Construction Set Extender development)


LuaJIT needs to be compiled once, and is included in the project. To compile, use Tools > Visual Studio Command Prompt and run the following:

cd deps\LuaJIT\src


Project configuration is done via a .props file. To specify your own Morrowind installation directory, copy the SharedSE/MWSE.props file and rename the copy to SharedSE/MWSE.User.props. Use the Property Manager's User Macros page or directly edit the file to specify the location that Visual Studio should copy DLLs/PDBs to and where it should do its debugging. The directory is expected to have a trailing slash.


Code contributions are managed via GitHub.


Communication of features, designs, and requests are handled on Discord. See the #mwse channel in the Morrowind Modding Community Discord.


The following individuals have contributed to the Morrowind Script Extender.