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Spell States⚓︎


These values are available in Lua by their index in the tes3.spellState table. For example, tes3.spellState.retired has a value of 7.

Index Value Description
preCast 0 Has not been cast yet
cast 1 Has just been casted
beginning 4 Has just been applied to a target
working 5 Is applying its effects each frame
ending 6 Is ending and being cleaned up. For magic effects that modify stats, during ending state, the corresponding stat will be restored if the effect has negateOnExpiry = true. For "damage over time" effects, the damage won't be applied anymore during ending state.
retired 7 Has ended and will be deleted
workingFortify 8 Same as working for fortify effects
endingFortify 9 Same as ending for fortify effects