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Object Types⚓︎


These values are available in Lua by their index in the tes3.objectType table. For example, tes3.objectType.creature has a value of 1095062083.


Their corresponding construction set ID (if available) and description are listed as well, but are not available through the tes3.objectType.* namespace.


The AMMO object type is for arrows and bolts only, even though these usually show up in the weapons tab of the Construction Set. Thrown weapons do not have this type.

Index Value CS ID Description MWSE Type
activator 1230259009 ACTI Activator tes3activator
alchemy 1212369985 ALCH Alchemy tes3alchemy
ammunition 1330466113 AMMO Ammunition tes3weapon. Arrows and bolts.
apparatus 1095782465 APPA Apparatus tes3apparatus
armor 1330467393 ARMO Armor tes3armor
birthsign 1313297218 BSGN Birthsign tes3birthsign
bodyPart 1497648962 BODY Body Part tes3bodyPart
book 1263488834 BOOK Book tes3book
cell 1280066883 CELL Cell tes3cell
class 1396788291 CLAS Class tes3class
clothing 1414483011 CLOT Clothing tes3clothing
container 1414418243 CONT Container tes3container or tes3containerInstance
creature 1095062083 CREA Creature tes3creature or tes3creatureInstance
dialogue 1279347012 DIAL Dialogue Topic tes3dialogue
dialogueInfo 1330007625 INFO Dialogue Response tes3dialogueInfo
door 1380929348 DOOR Door tes3door
enchantment 1212370501 ENCH Enchantment tes3enchantment
faction 1413693766 FACT Faction tes3faction
gmst 1414745415 GMST Game Setting tes3gameSetting
ingredient 1380404809 INGR Ingredient tes3ingredient
land 1145979212 LAND Land tes3land
landTexture 1480938572 LTEX Land Texture tes3landTexture
leveledCreature 1129727308 LEVC Leveled Creature tes3leveledCreature
leveledItem 1230390604 LEVI Leveled Item tes3leveledItem
light 1212631372 LIGH Light tes3light
lockpick 1262702412 LOCK Lockpick tes3lockpick
magicEffect 1178945357 MGEF Magic Effect tes3magicEffect
miscItem 1129531725 MISC Misc Item tes3misc
mobileActor 1413693773 MACT Mobile Actor tes3mobileActor
mobileCreature 1380139341 MACR Mobile Creature tes3mobileCreature
mobileNPC 1212367181 MACH Mobile NPC tes3mobileNPC
mobilePlayer 1346584909 MACP Mobile Player tes3mobilePlayer
mobileProjectile 1246908493 MPRJ Mobile Projectile tes3mobileProjectile
mobileSpellProjectile 1347637325 MPSP Mobile Spell Projectile tes3mobileSpellProjectile
npc 1598246990 NPC_ NPC tes3npc or tes3npcInstance
pathGrid 1146242896 PGRD Pathgrid tes3pathGrid
probe 1112494672 PROB Probe tes3probe
quest 1397052753 QUES Quest tes3quest
race 1162035538 RACE Race tes3race
reference 1380336978 REFR Reference tes3reference
region 1313293650 REGN Region tes3region
repairItem 1095779666 REPA Repair Item tes3repairTool
script 1414546259 SCPT Script tes3script
skill 1279871827 SKIL Skill tes3skill
sound 1314213715 SOUN Sound tes3sound
soundGenerator 1195658835 SNDG Sound Generator tes3soundGenerator
spell 1279610963 SPEL Spell tes3spell
startScript 1380143955 SSCR Start Script tes3startScript
static 1413567571 STAT Static tes3static
weapon 1346454871 WEAP Weapon tes3weapon. Thrown weapons also go here.