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Billboard Modes⚓︎


These values are available in Lua by their index in the ni.billboardMode table. For example, ni.billboardMode.rotateAboutUp has a value of 1.

Index Value Description
alwaysFaceCamera 0 Causes the model-space z-vector to be in line with the camera's view plane normal. In other words, any plane of constant z in model space will have its normal parallel to the camera's direction vector. Each frame, the rotation required to reestablish this orientation is minimized. As a result, this mode may differ from rigidFaceCamera.
rotateAboutUp 1 Causes the model-space z-vector of the billboard to be as close as possible to the camera's direction vector while only allowing rotation about the billboard's model-space up-axis [0,1,0]. This mode is useful for simulating cylindrically symmetric objects, such as light posts and trees, using a single cross-sectional flat image.
rigidFaceCamera 2 The billboard has a normal that is always parallel to the camera's direction vector and the billboard and camera coordinate frames change rigidly together.