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The damageHandToHand event triggers before an actor takes fatigue damage from hand-to-hand combat. It does not trigger on health damage, but the damage event will. The fatigueDamage value can be modified, or can be prevented completely by blocking the event. The player as attacker will gain hand-to-hand experience only if fatigueDamage is greater than zero.

--- @param e damageHandToHandEventData
local function damageHandToHandCallback(e)
event.register(tes3.event.damageHandToHand, damageHandToHandCallback)


This event supports blocking by setting e.block to true or returning false. Blocking the event prevents vanilla behavior from happening. For example, blocking an equip event prevents the item from being equipped.


An event can be claimed by setting e.claim to true, or by returning false from the callback. Claiming the event prevents any lower priority callbacks from being called.

Event Data⚓︎

  • attacker (tes3mobileActor): Read-only. The mobile actor dealing the damage. Can be nil.
  • attackerReference (tes3reference): Read-only. The attacker mobile's associated reference. Can be nil.
  • fatigueDamage (number): The amount of fatigue damage done.
  • mobile (tes3mobileActor): Read-only. The mobile actor that is taking fatigue damage.
  • reference (tes3reference): Read-only. The mobile’s associated reference.